Often, from the hardest times comes to the greatest opportunities. An opportunity is an unique and important chance to give back and to be the best human beings we can be.Collectively we have the power to conquer by ‘coming together’ in spirit and through a small act of help and hope as individuals.

Despite the many difficulties we think we are facing, we must remember that many other fellow citizens who are facing much worse situations than we are. People like you and us, whose jobs and lives have been severely impacted through no fault of theirs.

People for whom the crisis have affected their jobs and loss of income have been the hardest hit by and left them worried and stressed about feeding themselves and their families

These are people who live near and around you. And they need our help. Help that you can provide without straining your resources or putting yourself at any kind of risk. All it takes is the Power of One. The power of YOU.


Even as the Governments are doing their best to manage in this challenging time, it is equally important that each of us plays our own small, simple, pivotal role in the effort.

YOU have the power. The power to change someone’s life now, today, tomorrow, through just one small, simple act of giving. Giving something as simple and essential as food.

In India, we have always honoured our food. The act of feeding someone, anyone, is always regarded as a noble act, that brings one closer to ultimate divinity.

We understand that the situation is not normal, but we still have the ability to help, using technology, to ensure that we are safely and securely sharing nourishment with someone who needs it right now.

If each of us can feed just one more person…one pair of hands at a time…we will inevitably create a large social network which will ensure that no one goes hungry and no one loses their dignity while taking help in this hour of need.



Anndata {n: one who provides subsistence}, is a simple, intuitive website/app powered by our passion to help. It has been designed to deliver a solution that is convenient, practical and secure into your ‘helping hands’.

It enables you to share cooked or uncooked food (rations) directly from the comfort of your home and kitchen, into the hands (and belly) of someone who desperately needs a meal. All you need to do is make (or buy) a little extra and share your fortune with someone less fortunate than you. You give whenever and whatever you can, and receive, every single time, the gift of someone’s heartfelt blessings.

We are hopeful that the abundance of your small action will continue to multiply as the number of individuals like you, grows in number and people get into the act of ‘giving a little and gaining a lot’.

The website/app ensures that social distancing and containment rules and regulations are not violated while helping each other since the giver and taker are required to be in the same geographic location based on the app’s presets.

It relies on the mutual convenience and comfort of the two individuals who are keen on giving/receiving on a particular day/time/location and does not require anything beyond this temporary connection to be made. Personal details of both parties are required to make an exchange of food (or rations) possible. Once the exchange is completed, app users become ‘invisible’ until they activate another exchange.

It is also vital to note that no monetary transactions >are permitted via the app and the ‘helping hand’ is strictly reserved for food or other rations. No money can exchange hands and there is no financial donation element built into the app.

How :

The idea of Anndata is based on the simple knowledge that in most Indian households, simple, wholesome food is prepared on a daily basis. Where an effort is already being made to cook for your own household, adding just one more portion to the preparation would make barely any difference to you, but would make a world of difference to someone desperately in need of a meal. Similarly, adding just a little extra to your weekly grocery shopping can help ensure that someone else who can’t afford to shop for basic necessities, can still avail of those basics.

Anndata IS an app that:
  • Helps as a bridge to connect providers of food (donor) and partakers of food (recipients) at a time when this is a critical need for the community and society at large .
  • Collects the location / geolocation of the person who is willing to provide food and allows the receiver of the food to see where he/she can collect food (guard houses, nodal centres, etc.)
  • Enables anonymity would the users choose and ensure that food givers and receivers do not need to meet each other at any point so that no government regulations around social distancing are not violated.
  • Provides visibility into the needs of recipients (dietary constraints if any, number of people in a needy family, etc) so that givers can decide who they want to support .
  • Relies on the kindness of the human spirit in a time of crisis, and puts ownership, control and responsibility into your hands.
Anndata IS NOT an app that:
  • Seeks to collect or disburse monetary donations of any kind.
  • Is designed to connect people beyond a single, immediately fulfilled need. There is no expectation that givers and receivers remain in contact once a need has been fulfilled – a sense of anonymity is key in the way the app is designed .
  • Requires any specialized software or skills to use – it has a simple, safe, smart interface and has been designed for a specific purpose.