About Anndata


Anndata {n: one who provides subsistence}, is a simple, intuitive website powered by our passion to help. It has been designed to deliver a solution that is convenient, practical and secure into your ‘helping hands’.

Anndata has been designed to be a nourishing bridge between providers of food (donor) and partakers of food (recipients) , Without compromising health or safety, we believe that through this app/website, you will be able to ensure that someone else does not go hungry based on the mutual convenience and comfort of the two individuals who are keen on giving/receiving food/ration.

It is also vital to note that no monetary transactions >are permitted via the app and the ‘helping hand’ is strictly reserved for food or other rations. No money can exchange hands and there is no financial donation element built into the app.

You can be kind, thoughtful, human…you can be an ‘Anndata’ and we sincerely hope you join us in creating a movement to ensure that we defeat hunger, one meal at a time #wefeedindia